About me

I like to observe. I like art; I have been known to make art. I deeply dislike the separation that still exists in many people’s minds between people and nature, I’m even a bit uncomfortable with talking about being connected ‘with’ nature (it implies that separation) – instead I think that we are nature, connected.

toes april2014

I think a lot about disability – particularly when I am ill, but not exclusively – and the dis-abling of people by the non-disabled world.

I live, in part, for the right of all beings to be free and safe and well, and able to define those things. I live because I’m alive, and I love it.

Like Epicurus said, 200 years or so after the Buddha had figured it out, the good things in life are easy to get (think about it). Or as the graffiti on the side of the Co-op on Howard Street in Crookes: “The best things in life aren’t things.”

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Contact me: uninvisible71 at gmail.com


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